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You and your team work hard to build value in your company and your brand. Countless hours of planning, developing infrastructure and working on execution have gone into your organization. The coffee marketplace is a competitive arena, whether it be in the at-home or foodservice segment. What differentiates you from the competition is the consistent, disciplined application of your unique selling proposition.

Now – you are interested in finding a supplier partner who fits your commitment to quality, consistency and has deep knowledge of the coffee industry. One who understands all aspects of the process from green coffee to a perfectly finished cup. A true partner who considers themselves to be an extension of your business, your roasting & packaging department.

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Our Story

Heritage Coffee Co. Ltd. has been building value together with our customer partners since 1980. Founded by a pioneer in the coffee industry, Stuart Daw, the fundamental principles that have guided Heritage Coffee’s success have been outstanding value, an obsession for consistent quality, and a comprehensive resource for all-things coffee. Stuart’s skill as a one of the most talented coffee cuppers ever, and passion for the coffee industry, have been handed down to Heritage Coffee’s team of dedicated coffee professionals who continue to exemplify these founding principles today.

From a humble start, we have grown from a regional roaster to selling internationally from our 38,000 square foot production facility in London, Ontario supported by our two distribution centers in Montreal and Calgary. Our vision is to make Heritage Coffee the premier custom private label roaster for the North American coffee industry.

Heritage Coffee strives to always manage our business and operations with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind. To learn more, click here.

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Our Purpose

First and foremost, it is always about the coffee. Our certified cuppers, who collectively have over 70 years of experience, excel at sourcing not only the finest coffees available, but those that meet the taste profiles of our customers’ custom blends. Constantly honing this rare skill requires dedication, discipline, and attention to detail – this ensures that your custom blends remain consistent, from batch to batch and year to year.

Packaging capabilities range from 5-pound institution bags to 8g pod packs and virtually everything in-between. Each package is gas flushed using nitrogen to preserve freshness and ensure a perfect cup of coffee, every time. Heritage Coffee also blends and packages powdered products, most notably hot chocolate and cappuccino, in a segregated part of our facility.

Perhaps the most important thing that we do is consult our customers, helping them realize their projects into viable and profitable products. We are also keen to innovate, being one of the first North American roasters to offer biodegradable packaging options to our customers.

Our Core Values


We take care of our customers and each other. We bring our best to everything we do and take pride in consistently delivering the highest standards of quality and service.


Our success is rooted in great people working together to foster strong partnerships with our customers and with one another. We appreciate the importance of our individual contributions, support each other, and strive to exceed expectations. We put the needs of our customers and our team ahead of our own.


We build lasting relationships based on trust that we earn and protect every day – through honesty, reliability, adherence to our standards for safety and quality, and by doing the right thing. We communicate openly and respectfully and conduct ourselves with the best of intentions. We are easy to trust and offer trust in return.


We are committed to roasting and delivering excellent quality coffee each and every time. We believe excellence in the little things adds up to excellence in the big things, knowing there is always room for improvement. We continually look for better ways of doing things, bring our ideas forward, and help each other do excellent work.

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When it comes to protecting the integrity of your brand and the products that we manufacture for you, we take that responsibility seriously. Heritage Coffee’s state-of-the-art Quality Assurance lab is equipped with the necessary tools to measure and evaluate the parameters required to maintain consistent quality at all aspects of production. Quality Assurance, however, is more than just measuring-equipment – it is a thoughtful habit; a burning drive towards excellence shared by all on our team from the recent hire to the President. It is this passionate attention to detail that gives our customers peace of mind.

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Knowing that Heritage Coffee, your supplier partner, is current with essential process requirements for modern food manufacturers; as well as certified with the major international sustainable coffee programs; provides your brand and your products we manufacture for you with the credibility you deserve. These certifications provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace and offer you more opportunities to grow your business.

Heritage Coffee is proudly certified under the following programs:

Safe Quality Food (SQF)
Certified Organic
Rainforest Alliance

Contact Us

We would like to know about you, what you do and how we can work together. Please contact us at one of our regional locations closest to you or at our Head Office.

Head Office – London, Ontario, Canada
Serving Ontario, Manitoba, United States, and International

Eastern Canada - Montreal
Serving Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Western Canada - Calgary
Serving British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan

If you prefer e-mail, reach out to us at Sales@heritage-coffee.com