Private Label Services

Private Label Services

Private Label Program

Heritage Coffee specializes in, and is renowned for our private label services. We have programs to suit any sized volume private label opportunity. You make the call on every aspect and detail of your private label program and let us bring your imagination to life.

Does Private Label Make Sense For Your Company?

Building loyalty to your coffee label has extremely satisfying long-term rewards. From increasing your business’ value to better account retention and acquisition, the right coffee label and product can really set you apart.

Private Label Development:

With a volume commitment of 2,000 pounds per month, we are happy to generate a private label coffee film for your exclusive use, with any graphics you may desire. Each of our packaging lines is equipped with laser eye-spots and computer enabled in-line printers, so you may offer more than one blend in the same film.

If you do not meet this volume commitment, you may choose to share in the cost of private label development for a reduced monthly volume requirement, or choose to utilize one of our exclusive house labels or imprintable plain films. Please call for details.

We can also customize boxes to fit your image.

All our coffees are roasted to order and nitrogen flushed – your private label offerings will stand out in freshness when tested against brands which have been warehoused for longer periods. Plus, we can cup-match any existing popular branded blends you wish to emulate ┬áin your private label, making it easy to convert customers based on taste experiences.

Exclusive Labels:

When you desire to have your own image, but don’t have enough volume to justify “reinventing the wheel” we have created beautiful coffee packaging films that are only available to one operator in any geographic region. These exclusive labels allow you to build a strong allegiance to your product without concern that every other operator will show up at your accounts with the same thing!

We offer four exclusive films you may choose from and we can start you off with a very low minimum of 20 cases per month. With inline printing available, you can offer as many blends as you desire all in one special film – or we can imprint your company name on each bag.

Plain Imprintable Labels:

For those customers looking to imprint their name or a message on a plain package for ongoing or one time use, Heritage offers imprintable plain films in gold, silver, white, black or burgundy. Just send us your custom script / imagery and our inline print systems will do the rest!

Switching from a Current Private Label Supplier:

It’s as easy as picking up the phone! With a minimum of 2,000 pounds per month, we will purchase the remaining film supply from your current coffee roaster and begin packaging for you upon its arrival in our warehouse.

Not all roasters are created equal, and operators looking for a positive change can count on us to move their private label program in a positive direction. With our cupping abilities, we can either match your current taste profile, or create a new one to your specs.

Whichever program you choose, let us show you how great a private label program can be.