Government Compliance

Government Compliance

Customer Accessibility; how are we doing?


At anytime, customers are invited to provide feedback on the level of service they receive and can communicate this either in writing using Canada Post to our Ontario address, through e-mail, by fax, or by phone directly requesting to speak with the COO.

It is the intention of Heritage Coffee to treat all customers, regardless of physical limitations, equally with respect and dignity.  In this regard we are committed to offering the facilities of equal access to our services and products as they are now available through accommodating those customers who may require alternative means of access.

We recognize that our business model is exclusively business to business with no retail sales.  We further recognize that all our sales transactions are initiated and conducted through the mediums of telephone, fax or internet (no orders are placed in person on our premises) with the delivery of goods being completed through common carrier.  Any customer who requires specialized access through these mediums will be accorded that access.  In the event that the specialized access is temporarily not available, a notice to this effect will be posted on our website as well as in our administrative offices.  Our procedures for accommodating customers requiring special access are available upon request.

Our coordinates are: 

The Heritage Coffee Co

97 Bessemer Road

London, On N6E 1P9

Attention:  COO


Toll Free:  800-791-7811

Fax:  519-668-1384